2006 Bios

Gale Andrew 
     Wife: Barb
     Everything is still about the same as shown on the 2001 bio, except for the addition of two more grandchildren, Allison Kate Shropshire (4) and Jenna Beth Andrew (3). The total is now seven.
     On a part-time basis, I'm in my eighth year as manager of the Oklahoma Rural Rehabilitation Corporation. I usually do this three days a week unless there's something else I need to do. Good retirement job that doesn't interfere with huntin', fishin' and campin'; and helps pay for the "toys" to do these things.






Gwen Andrews




Bill Arnold 
     Bill is enjoying his retirement after 32 years as an educator. He loves to bike, hike, fish, garden and travel. He and his wife, Linda (Weir, class of '63) will celebrate their 40th anniversary next summer in Vail, CO where they have spent part of the summer and fall for the last 20 years. Linda retired from the Wichita area Technical college after 30 years. They also like to spend part of the winter on the Texas Gulf coast. They have lived in Wichita, KS since 1967.
     Their son, Jon, maintains the web sites for the University of Colorado. He and his wife, Chrystal, recently became the parents of their third grandchild.
     Their daughter, Teri, is an administrator for Social Security in the Orlando, FL area. She has two children, Zach and Ashlyn.
     Bill & Linda will be unable to attend the class reunion this year because their friend gave them sky box tickets to the OSU-K State game that weekend.
     They would live to hear from everyone. The e-mail address is wdarnold55@sbcglobal.net.
Karl Baumgartner 

    My wife Carol and I have three children. Jaclyn (24) is a first grade teacher. Michael 21 and William 14 are students.
     I sold my business in 1998 and now enjoy fishing, golfing and Boy Scouts.

CaMary Berry
Tom Berry  

Joe Bowles

    I'm actually considering coming to the class reunion this year. We'll have to see. 
Here is a bio: MBA Oklahoma State University 1966. Phillips Petroleum Company 1966-1969. Hardee's Food Systems Rocky Mount, NC 1969-1971. Self employed 1971 to present. I operate restaurants and a commercial warehousing business. I still live in Rocky Mount, NC. Married 30 years. Two children and three grand children.

Nora Bowman
I have three children, 2 girls and one boy all grown and married with children. I have eight grandchildren, three girls and five boys.
         I just recently moved back to Stillwater from Carrollton, Texas and am currently living with my daughter Lori and her family. 


Guy Broaddus

Carolyn Calvert  
My husband Kenneth Rauch and I have three children, Craig, Kenneth II and Carole. We have three grandchildren, Brooke, Marshall and Blake and two great-grandchildren from a blended second marriage, Aston and Shawn. It's a good life.
     I am retired and working harder than ever at gardening, ranching, music (I still sing in church choir) and raising grandchildren. I get to take extended trips with my daughter Carole. We've been to Mexico, Los Angeles, Victoria Canada, New York city and Montana. It has been great mother-daughter time. The boys and their families live within 5 miles of us. This is a great blessing also.

Pat Casey
    Robi and I will not attend the 45th reunion due to a previously scheduled conflict and the press of business. We have had a closed practice (no new clients) for over ten years, but every once in a while I agree to represent a new client at the request of an old client or attorney friend. I have to learn to say no. Saying yes two times this year practically doubled my hours the past six months. I am going back to working part time (4 to 5 days a week). We look forward to the 50th class reunion and will be there.
     Robi and I have been blessed with good health. Since the last reunion...
1. We have a new granddaughter named "Casey", in addition to the 4 older grandsons and,
2. We have a new addictive hobby, scuba diving. We have dived around 20 Caribbean islands, and swam with whale sharks in Mexico, seen a Hawaiian Monk Seal (an endangered species), a Belize Toad Fish (very rare) sharks, stingrays, barracuda, all kinds of eels, and beautiful tropical fish and coral We are hooked!
     Our life is family (each successive generation is more fun), church, travel, diving "OU football", and too much work.
 Ann Caskey  
    The past five years have found my husband and me helping to get our daughter and son through college, and we have almost made it! Our daughter, LeAnne, graduated from OSU in May, 2006 with a master's degree in accounting. She is now employed as an accountant with EnCana, an oil and gas company, in Denver. Our son, Brian, will graduate from OSU in December, 2006, with a bachelor's degree in economics. He has already accepted a position as a software consultant beginning in January, 2007, with Quorum Business Solutions, Inc. in Houston.
     I continue to manage the In-School Placement Program at Stillwater Middle School and Ben is an analyst for the Information Technology Department at OSU. In the summer I love to be outdoors in our garden. In the winter you will find me in my spare time by the fireplace doing counted cross-stitch projects. 
     Ben and I enjoy playing in the Hand Bell Choir and singing in the Sanctuary Choir at our church.
     We look forward to seeing everyone at the reunion.

Mary Kay Cooper
     I’m an Okie again. Living not far from my roots. After I lost my soul mate, best friend and husband of 41 years, Lynn Warren,  I moved back to Perry to be close to one of my kids. The one that didn’t threaten a cheap nursing home.
     After much soul searching, decided I needed a purpose. Found myself volunteering. Keep my granddaughter when she is not in school and allow her to do things she wouldn’t get to do because her parents work. Signed up for two Main Street committees to help keep this small town alive. Spend a couple days a week helping the museum move into the computer age. With so many working parents, the school has problems getting volunteers so I do what I can to help. Still find time for my hobbies, gardening, sewing and painting. When I get tired of the rat race, I can pack my car, go somewhere for a week or two and not get fired. I have found time for another passion---restoring an old house to livable condition. Stripped it down to stud wall and replace wiring, plumbing and insulation. Come to think of it, I didn’t replace insulation because it didn’t have any-- but it does now. There are plenty of houses in this small town that need someone to love them. Travel and going to plays fill in when I get bored.

 Ronda Cooper
     I retired in 2000 after teaching Microbiology, Infectious Diseases, and related courses in medical schools and universities. Traveling and experiencing new cultures has been one of my big pleasures, though I've been in Texas since retirement.. Now, I'm doing "a bit of." You know -- a bit of writing, a bit of traveling, a bit of volunteer work, a bit of .... 
     I won't be attending the reunion this year, though it sounds like lots of fun. I'm enjoying reading classmates' updates.

Jane Corcoran 
    My sister, Nan Goodwin, lives and works in Odessa, Texas, My niece, Melissa and her husband, Geoff and their daughter, Fiona, live in Alexandria, Virginia. My nephew, Pat Goodwin, lives and works in San Angelo, Texas
     I am retired. I tutor writing at Richland College as a volunteer and I also do volunteer work at Baylor Hospital. I read quite a bit and go to movies.



Dana Cowan 
My husband, George Naas, and I have run a printing company together for the last 38 years, since we were married in 1968. We are still running the company and I have added ad specialty imprinted items to what we do, as well as the regular offset printing, which we produce ourselves. 
     We like to square dance and are active in the Denver area square dance community. We also like to travel. My husband and my son bowl together in a Lakewood bowling league.
     My daughter, Rachel Robson, is married and living in Baldwin City, Kansas. She is a professor at Washburn University at Topeka, Kansas. She just finished her dissertation and is now officially a Ph.D. in microbiology. She finished her schooling at Kansas University Medical Center in Kansas City, Kansas. She loves teaching
     My son, Alan Naas, is in the management division at central regional headquarters for Enterprise Rent-A-Car. He travels the state of Colorado installing new offices, overseeing maintenance, installing new computer systems, etc. He has been with Enterprise for two years. He likes to travel and has taken several international trips alone. However, in early September this year the two of us traveled together and spent a week in New Zealand. It was terrific! We backpacked!
     My husband and I are still quite busy running our printing and promotional products business. I am quite active in the regional Chamber of Commerce and in several business networking groups. We are going on a cruise in October to the Western Caribbean with 18 other square dance couples and friends from the Denver area. I organized this cruise and have formerly organized a similar cruise to Alaska. These are really fun... going with friends.

Jeanie Crane 
    Since the last reunion, I have lost my parents, 11 months apart in 2002. My daughter, Robin and husband Don, granddaughter Raven (13) and grandson Reed (9) live in Cassville, Missouri. Robin has been admissions counselor at Crowder College for 19 years and recently received her masters from John Brown University.
     My son, Travis and his wife Dana, grandsons Trevor (9) and Brodte (9 mo.) live in Ada, Oklahoma where Travis is the chief pilot for Pre-Paid Legal Services. Dana has a photography business.
   I have put in 25 years at Delaware County DHS. I am a Family Support Supervisor. I could have retired four years ago and I still go back every day just as if I like it (and I really do!) I serve as a volunteer for our county's free medical clinic. I am on the advisory board for N.E. Oklahoma Community Action. I put as much time as I can help out our county's native American folks! As always, I try to keep connected to the local family and consumer science programs (keeping some ties to the two home economic degrees). 
     My biggest joy is my wonderful grandchildren!

Barbara Derr 
    My husband, Cy Buikstra, and I are semi-retired and starting to do some more traveling. We just celebrated our 43rd wedding anniversary in Arizona. We planned to attend this reunion, but when it was changed to fall we couldn't fit it into our plans. We always go north to Montana and Wyoming, as I have a brother who is not well and we go to help and visit. Hope it's a Great One!
     I still do stained glass work and have many other interests in my life.

Ginger Durham 

     Since our last reunion I have seen several changes.  The Stillwater Community Center Foundation did manage to save the community center and have new seats installed in the auditorium.  That is the good news.  Other changes: my former husband, Joel, died in November of 2004,  my mother, Bobbie Durham, died in January of 2005. And two of the people I had called my close friends died, one in April, and one in June of 2005. Then my only remaining Stillwater relative moved away. And finally, the OSU Foundation used the threat of eminent domain to acquire my childhood home on McElroy. 
      I still like to swim, go to aerobics, and concerts, play scrabble, read almost everything by Grant Jeffrey and Yacov Rambsel. Am looking for  traveling companions and perhaps a new city in which I can thrive and find new significant relationships

Jack Durham
Occupation:   Retired from D.O.I., BLM, Fire and Aviation
                      Self employed: Cardboard
Web Page: http://myweb.cableone.net/4jdurham/durham/family.html
Children: (2) Scott - Assembly Prod. Eng. Manager –  Micron Technology, Boise
                                Scott has 3 children: JB (11), Taylor (9), Sidney (4).
                                Scott is an O.S.U. graduate (1988)
                     Brad – Deceased 1990 at age 22 (auto accident, McCall, Idaho)
     I graduated with a BS in Zoology/Wildlife from O.S.U. and an MS in Wildlife Science from New Mexico State University. I worked for the Bureau of Land Management in New Mexico, Arizona, Alaska, and Idaho, before retiring in Boise, Idaho (near the grandkids).
     I make a trip most every year to Mexico; usually the Baja. Many trips are with the Boise Book Club of which I am President. We meet weekly to have drinks, plan trips, have drinks, and might discuss a book someday if we in fact ever read one.

       "JB" Jackson Brad Durham                                Scott Durham                              Sidney Durham                       Taylor Durham

Jerry Edmonds
 Occupation: Retired
 Spouse: Doris, Retired
 Married: 40 years Children: 2

     Doris and I have been married over 40 years have lived in the Houston area since graduating from OSU in 1966. We have two sons who are married and also live in the Houston area. We are expecting our first grandchild next year.
     We’ve been blessed with good health and finances and have been able to do some fun things and travel in our five years of retirement.
     I work part-time doing the accounting at church, play a little golf and usually have a backlog of projects around the house.

Raymond Ely
    My wife, Anna (a 1964 SHS graduate) and I have been married for 42 years. We have two daughters who are both SHS graduates. Anita, a 1983 graduate, works for a branch of the U.S. Justice Department. Currently located in Doha, Qatar. Her husband John recently retired from the USMC. They have given us two grandsons, William age 4 and Samual age 10 months.
     Radawn is a 1990 SHS graduate and 1998 graduate of SWOSU. She works at a manufacturing plant in Gainesville, Texas. They manufacture the blades for wind generators. Her husband, Bobby, is a Sgt. on the Gainesville Police Dept. They have given us a granddaughter Rawley age 4.
     I have been employed with Stillwater National Bank since retiring from the Stillwater Police Dept. in 1987, after a twenty-year career. Anna and I enjoy traveling. We have made several trips to Arkansas, Missouri, New Mexico, Colorado and Kansas. Since 2003 we have made three trips to Hawaii. The last was to be there for our Grandson's birth. In March 2006 we went to Doha, Qatar. When not traveling, I enjoy working in my woodworking shop and working in the yard. We also live with Larkii, an 8-year-old Boston Terrier who runs the house and takes care of us when we're ill... or she thinks she does.

 Kae Evans

  The eight of us are currently blessed with health and happiness. We’ve experienced sickness and sadness, and find we like health and happiness more J We enjoy playing together so take opportunities to gather and travel.
     This year September will see us in Denver area as we exchange homes with Larry’s brother. Eldest son Scott is an architect in CT and NY and designs and builds mostly homes presently. He’ll fly into CO from JFK and see the mountains. He loves to ski and hike… this time hike.
     Middle son Mike is married to Jeanie and are raising 2-year-old son Seneca (brightest of all J). Mike and Jean (currently full time Mom & triathlon enthusiast) are engineers in Boston area.
     Youngest son Robert and wife Leah are teachers gaining their master’s in administration. They live less than 5 miles from us, so we get to go to museums, drives, kayak, etc. regularly.
     Husband Larry Fisher and I share interest in family, church work, home, community, music/theater, housing for challenged,  teaching/leading seminars, … and “being”.

Davis (Dave) Fisher
    After graduation and a couple of years at OSU I ended up going on Active Duty with the Navy in 1964. A very profound year. I was assigned to a Patrol Squadron spending two tours in the Far East. Returned to OSU using the GI Bill. Finally graduated in 1968.
     I then moved to Hartford, CT with a large Insurance Company handling Large Construction projects and International Marine Insurance. Traveled most of the U.S.A. with them. Also worked in San Francisco and Los Angeles. In Los Angeles I had an office romance with Julia Long. We got married in 1972, and are still happily married.
     We moved back to Hartford for about three years. (It seemed like 20). When it snowed 15 inches on April 15, we decided to move back to Los Angeles. In 1986 I went to work for a large Japanese Manufacturing company. I was their Risk, Employee Benefits and Safety Manager for their U.S. operations. I ended up traveling to all but one of the other states I had not visited... 49 out of  50.
     I got tired of working, business travel and a long commute, so I retired at the end of 2001.
     We moved up to the California Gold Country east of Sacramento for a couple of years, then moved back to Southern California. We now live in Aliso Viejo, CA. About two miles from the beach... as the crow flies.
     Since retirement, I have had tree different volunteer jobs. I first trimmed roses in a rose garden outside of Pasadena, CA. I worked as a small business consultant with SCORE. (Senior Corps of Retired Executives). I am now cleaning fish tanks and petting jelly fish at the Ocean Institute in Dana Point, California.
     I will not be able to make the class reunion in 2006, as we are scheduled to celebrate Mozart's birthday in Vienna, Austria at that time.

Judy Flood

     I'm not going to be able to attend our SHS reunion as Ft. Smith HS is scheduled for October 6-7, 2006!
     Since our last reunion our family has doubled from 4 to 8!! Daughter Holly Hannahlee married Scott and had Riley Hannah (our 1st grandchild)! Son Marty married Kiley and had Jordan Maye.
     Marshall and I don't see retirement in our future. I'm still at Chase Bank and have a home-based Arbonne (health and wellness) business. We continue to ski Wolfe Creek at Christmas, water ski in Arkansas, and do weights a couple of times a week + the Arbonne keeps me young!
     Sorry we couldn't reschedule to be there with you . . . . .stay in touch.


 Pat Foster
Front: Mike, Raya, Janan, Grandma Foster, Nicole, Pat, 
Katrina, Louie, Stephanie. Back: Melak, Mark, Jan, Erik

    Jan and I were married on August 27, 1962, we have three children, Mike 39 yrs, Steph 36 yrs, and Mark 34 yrs. 
     Mike, his wife, Melak and daughters Suraya, 9 yrs and Janan, 7 yrs, live in Brussels, Belgium.  Our granddaughters attend a French speaking elementary school; all classes are solely in French. Mike works for FedEx and has worked for them in Dubai, Holland and now Belgium. He graduated from Richmond College in England and has remained overseas since 1984 except for a year stint in Atlanta, GA. 
     Stephanie and her husband, Erik, live in Stillwater and have two children, Katrina, 8 yrs and Louie, 3 yrs. Steph is expecting her third child on October 6th that coincides with our 45th Reunion. Steph has a BA in Spanish, MA in International Management and teaches on-line Spanish at OSU. She and Erik bought the old Ingham/Draper house on Kings and are in the midst of refurbishing the house. Erik owns Titan Logistics, a trucking company. 
     Mark and his girl friend, Kristin and her daughter, Kenna, live in Gun Barrel City, TX.  Mark has our oldest grandchild, Nicole, who is 9 years old.  Mark attended school in England and Indonesia. He drives a tractor-trailer rig for a Dallas company and stays busy with E-bay sales, fishing and camping.
      After my retirement in 1994 I consulted for energy related businesses. My clients included a native corporation, ASRC, Amerada-Hess, Williams, Enron (yes!), Triton, US Air Force and others.  Jan and I enjoy travel and are fortunate to have a son living in Brussels which allows us to work out of his home on trips through Europe. I enjoy golf and fishing while Jan is busy playing bridge, shopping and enjoying life. This past year was extremely difficult for us as Jan was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in August 2005. She had surgery and has completed her chemotherapy. So far all her tests have been negative and she is feeling great. We're headed for Brussels, Prague and Slovenia soon after the 45th reunion.

David Franklin 
     I remain interestingly employed as an engineer representing the Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program to the Yucca Mountain Project.  I have three children on the west coast, successfully making their way, except not realizing one of their important jobs in life, which is to provide grandchildren for their parents. I am enjoying the national parks in this part of the country and the entertainment of Las Vegas, with the good weather providing many possibilities to stay active. One of the good surprises in the last decade was the rediscovery at my first reunion attendance 10 years ago of the many fine people in our class, and having the good fortune to see several of you from time to time since then. I look forward to seeing you in October.
Gary Franklin 
     My wife, Nancy, and I have been married for 36 years. We have two daughters, Lisa R. Morgan age 34 and Lori D. Franklin age 32. We have three grandchildren; Neal born 7-16-2003, Joy born 7-1-2005 and Reece born 6-20-2006. Lisa is a speech pathologist for a school district in a western suburb of Chicago. Lori is director of training and a social worker for family and children's services in Tulsa.
     I sold my accounting practice in Dec. 2004 and I am now a full-time househusband and church volunteer. I am greatly enjoying retirement. Nancy is the accounting supervisor for the City of Stillwater. She plans to retire on August 1, 2007 and then we plan to do some traveling and see a lot of this country and world which we have not seen. Also plan to spend more time with our daughters and grandchildren. I enjoy reading every chance I get.

 Dale Going 
     My wife, Myla, and I have been married for 41 years and have two children, Brent of Oklahoma City, and Stacia Scott of Stillwater. Stacia and husband Jeff have three children: Sydney age 7 and twins Carson and Colby age 6. Brent and his wife, Rhonda don't have children. I am a retired graphic/communication specialist from Gulfstream Aerospace where I worked for 37 years. My wife is Deaconess Hospital's first 40+ year employee where she works in the pharmacy. I do some freelance graphic work just to keep in shape. I enjoy golf, league bowling, and attending grandkids' ballgames. I'm looking forward to the reunion this year.

Mickey Graham


Bill Gray &
 Linda Joyce


Jim Gray


Linda Gudgel  March 20, 2006 
     It was nice getting the email regarding the next reunion. Unfortunately I will not be able to make it.
     I live in Anchorage, Alaska, for 20 years now. It is a wonderful place, full of all kinds of adventures. I moved in 1985 after I divorced my husband of 17 years. After graduation I went to OSU and became a Chi Omega sorority girl and a member of the Angel Flight. I graduated with a degree (BA) in Speech Pathology. I married Bob Imle in 1964, became a mother of my first child, Kay a year later. Bob joined the Air Force and we were sent to Enid, OK. My other two children were born in Enid. Kay is now a mother of 3 boys, the oldest graduating from high school this May. Shannon is a mother of 2 boys, she adopted them a little over a year ago, brothers ages 9 and 7. Matthew, my son, is the father of 2 beautiful girls. Kay and Matthew live in Virginia and Shannon lives in Texas. 
     I never worked as a Speech Pathologist but I did go back to school when we were transferred to Arkansas and I got my second degree (in nursing) there. I worked as a Critical Care nurse for almost 17 years. I stopped being a nurse in 1990, a good decision.
     After I retired as a nurse I went back to school and got my third degree (BA) in criminal justice. I haven’t done anything with that degree either but I enjoyed the scholastic environment. I got a job as a computer person for the University of Alaska Anchorage. I was employed there for over 7 years.
     When I left the university I worked for a non-profit organization for a short period of time then I was hired as a computer specialist by the National Park Service. I worked there for 3 years and then the money ran out.
     At present I am a freelance computer specialist, I do end user support for people here in Anchorage. A friend of mine and I started a little business that is getting bigger and bigger all the time. My job is to make house calls (sounds like nursing) and see what is wrong with the computer. If it needs to be completely re-done I take it home and fix it, otherwise I try to fix it in the customer's home. It is fun and I meet a whole lot of great people.
     For fun I run marathons (I ran my first at age 61), I ride long distances on my bicycle (200 or more miles at one time) and I do a lot of hiking and boating. I don’t fish but I do a lot of other stuff. Skiing is not one of my better sports but it is fun. I have been an avid participant I the Gold Nugget Triathlon, not very competitive but I have a lot of fun!
     My daughter, Shannon and I ran out first marathon last October in San Francisco. We ran in the Nike 2nd Annual All women's Marathon. It was hard but I finished within the allotted time and got the treasured finishers necklace and T-shirt. This was Shannon's first journey into competitive running. I have been racing shorter distances for about 18 years. I haven't won any trophies but I have a lot of fun.
      I have enjoyed living in Alaska. Today, 03/20/2006, is the first day of spring and I shoveled my driveway for the fourth time in two days. We are in the midst of a late winter storm. It won’t be spring here for another month.
     My mother and brother still live in Stillwater, my Dad died a few years ago. Fred, my bother, owns and operates The Aqua Mart Pet and Hobby Center. Mother is in a nursing home, she turns 92 this September.

 Carolyn Ham
    I have a son, Bryan, and a daughter, Kristin, and a granddaughter, Emma Grace. I am employed at Quantum Corp. as purchasing manager for inventory, expense and capital.
     My interest this past 2 years has been spending time with my granddaughter. I enjoy the Colorado Rockies scenery, musical plays, fine arts displays and craft fairs. Also an occasional trip to Cripple Creek to gamble.

Karen Himes
    On February 3, 2007 Dean and I will celebrate our 46th wedding anniversary. We have two sons. Scott is married to Rhonda and lives in Perkins and is a salesman with Kinnumen's Rental and Sales. Rhonda is a supervisor with the Dept. of Human Services in Stillwater. They have a daughter Blaine who is 13 and a son Barrett age 3 1/2. Blaine is involved in FFA in Perkins showing her Duroc pigs at the fair in the fall and spring shows. She is playing softball in the spring and summer league and then plays spring school fast-pitch as a catcher on the team and then continues it into the fall ball. We just get out of that then it is into basketball. We help her to get to her ball practices and attend most of her games, if at all possible. Barrett is a copy of his Dad and it is such a joy to hear all of the tall tales he can come up with. He has a 4-wheeler that he really enjoys and he loves anything that has to do with outdoors.
     Our other son Dennis lives in Collinsville, is married to Christy and they have two sons: Riley age 1 1/2 and Brady 10 weeks. They have their hands full with those two. Dennis is an Echo Tech with St. Francis Hospital and Christy is a Supervisor with St. Francis of Broken Arrow and the Laurette Hospital in Tulsa in Medical Records and coding. Dennis rids a Harley Davidson Deuce and travels with his Dad, when he gets the opportunity to get a break from work.
   Dean has been retired two years now from Mercruiser, after working for them for 23 years. I have been a Sales Director with Mary Kay Cosmetics for 26 years and I have a home-based business assisting elderly people with running errands, getting them to the doctor's appt. or buying groceries. I always say that this is the last one I am going to take care of, because I get to attached to them and then they are gone. I call it Driving Miss Daisy. We travel around the area for a day trip, it gets them out of their house and seeing parts of Oklahoma.
   Dean still has his Harley Davidson Road King and takes trips to several different states with some of his riding buddies. I had two motorcycles that I drove but I totaled my second car, so my cycle driving days are over. I only ride behind Dean on short trips. Dean just made a trip to Austin, Texas and hauled back a 1956 Ford Pickup that he will start rebuilding this winter. 
   We are involved in Lost Creek Methodist Church, which is a country church just a couple of miles from the house. I do a lot of travel with Mary Kay. I have consultants in New York, Texas, California, Oklahoma Illinois, Kansas and Missouri, so that keeps me busy also. I hope I never have to retire.
   We are looking forward to being able to watch the three grandsons in sports in a couple of years. They are going to be such fun!

 Carl Hiner & Carol Jardot
    We're very proud of our son and four daughters and their spouses who are all busy raising our eight wonderful grandchildren, four boys and four girls. They range in age from 7 (second grade) to 19 (freshman at OSU).
     Carl is now in his sixth four-year term as Payne county Sheriff--all but the first term in 1985 have been unopposed. Carol is still working at the Oklahoma Department of Career Tech in the Federal Legislation Division. We are both looking forward to retirement within the next few years so we can spend more time enjoying our home in the country, raising cows, gardening and traveling.


George Holman






Carolyn Hopper
    My family is the same as in my 2001 Bio: 4 children, 12 grandchildren, and 7 great-grandchildren. All but 2 live in Oklahoma. One lives back east and the other one lives in Germany with her husband.
     I have retired from OSU in 2002 and am enjoying taking care of great-grandchildren, crocheting, gardening and reading.
     I won't be attending the reunion this year.

Karen Hornbuckle
    Looking forward to seeing everyone at the class reunion in October.
    I retired as an LPN from Tripler Army Medical Center in Honolulu, HI in 1995. I live in Wichita Falls, TX taking care of my parents as their driver.





Barbara Houston
Occupation: Retired  (USAF).
Spouse: Richard (Dick) Chew    Occupation: Retired (USAF)
Married: 42 years    Children: 2      Grandchildren: 4

           Dick and Barbara                                                Michael, Emma, Sophie, Kathy                                   Christopher, Caleb, Millie, Nancy

Both of us graduated from Oklahoma State University (’63, ’64, & ’72) and spent many wonderful, exciting years in Oklahoma, Alabama, Florida, South Carolina, Massachusetts, Germany and Hawaii.  We have since retired to Mesa, Arizona in 2004 and are currently enjoying traveling/visiting with family and friends, hanging out around the pool, going to the library and planning our next adventure J

Bill Human 






Frank Jay
Frank Jay (right) , Steve (son) and his three kids (Reece, Karsten and Yale)    Steve Jay (son) and Kristin (daughter-in-law).

 Roxanne Jay (wife), Dylan Rock (grandson), Jay Berry (nephew), Blake Berry (Jay’s son), Ashley Berry (Jay’s wife), 
 Hallie Rock (daughter), Owen Rock (son-in-law), Lauren Jay (daughter) and Jim Robinson (Lauren’s boyfriend).

    It’s hard to believe that it has been (45) years since we all graduated as the first Senior Class at C.E. Donart High School.  But after I look around, see my (16) year old daughter Lauren head off to high school each morning, work with my (37) year old son Steve each day in our airline consulting firm, and talk to my (40) year old daughter Hallie by phone, it is easy to remember where the time has gone.
   Roxanne, my wife of (19) years, and Lauren and I live in Kingwood, Texas which is located in the northeast corner of Houston.  We enjoy the area, play golf and tennis and we travel as time permits.  We have four grandchildren.  Hallie and her husband Owen Rock have a (10) year old son named Dylan.  Steve and his wife Kristin have a (7) year old son named Yale, a (5) year old daughter named Reese, and a four year old son named Karsten.  Since Steve and his “crew” live just a couple of miles away, we see them several times a week.  And, we try to make it to Stillwater as often as possible to see Dylan, Hallie, Owen and my father.
   Steve and I operate a boutique consulting firm that accomplishes retained executive search for the aviation industry.  Via contracted engagements, we search for senior executives for the major domestic and international air carriers as well as companies in related aviation industries such as airports, manufacturers, etc.  Our business is based on a combination of the experience that I gained in retained executive search at Peat Marwick & Mitchell in Houston and in human resources management at several companies including Texas International Airlines in Houston.  Our firm is (20) years old this year and Steve has been a key part of the operation since he completed his graduate degree in 1994.
  Roxanne and I won’t be able to attend the reunion this year.  But we will be thinking of Stillwater and the friendships that were established more than (45) years ago. 

Tom Kinnick
                                                 Ashleigh, Michelle & Gary                                                   Janice & Ashleigh                                              
 Gary Leonard
    Our lives have changed since the last class reunion.  We’ve moved from the Dallas area to Washington, DC.  The good news about this is that we’ve remained fully employed, there is so much to do and see in that area of the country, and the weather and scenery are a big improvement.  The bad news is that we aren’t able to see the two little grand-daughters nearly as often as we’d like.  They and their parents are in Dallas; we get there as often as we can.  Our other son and his wife are living in our Dallas home until we can retire, and move back to that area.
     I continue to work for the same phone company; but the name has changed yet again; it is now Verizon.  The work is interesting, so I don’t complain too much. My wife, Janice, has been able to continue her sales-rep business from our new home in Ashburn, Virginia.
     Family history still consumes most of my spare time.  Living in Virginia, the home state of a lot of ancestors, makes it easier to find those old records that are so much “fun” to read.
     Looking forward to seeing everyone, and getting caught up at the reunion!
 Ian MacAlpine
    I am Executive Pastor of Central Baptist church, Sioux Falls, South Dakota. As a sidelight, I travel internationally once a year on missions trips. My wife, Martha, is a retired elementary school teacher. We have been married 39 years and have two children. Brett is 34 and lives in Chicago. Colin is 30 and lives in St. Louis. We have two grandchildren. I'll be unable to attend the 2006 class reunion.


Kathleen Martin   
Bottom Row: Justin House, Shannon January, Trevor (son), John January (my son). 
2nd Row: April House (my dau.), Kristina House, Travis, Connor January
3rd Row: Kathleen (Martin) Thrower, Megan House, Cody House, "Rip" Thrower.
Back Row: Frank House, Beau Francis (husb. of g-dau.), Brandi with Landon (baby).  

    Rip Thrower and I have been married since 1980. We met at Phillips Petroleum, where we both worked. We were without children for 2 years when my youngest graduated in 1990. My oldest daughter died in a car wreck in 1992, so we raised her 2 daughters (then 6 and 9). The oldest granddaughter is married and has a little boy (we are great-grandparents now). The youngest granddaughter is now working on a cruise ship, which circles the Hawaiian Islands. So, Rip and I are without children again and enjoying it. 
     My oldest son, Mark, who was 36, died 2 years ago in Manhattan. My youngest son, John and I went to Manhattan and brought Mark home to Coldspring and buried him next to Marilee.
     I then got involved in the local animal shelter, since I love dogs. Unfortunately I love them too much and came home with a skinny dog and one of her puppies. That part Boxer now weighs 66 pounds. I had to give the "puppy" away when he was 55 pounds as he was leading me on our daily walks instead of me leading him! As a result of the constant pulling on the leash, I got a sore shoulder and eventually developed a "frozen shoulder", for which I had shoulder surgery this May. So much for my volunteering at the animal shelter. I couldn't bring any more dogs home! At least I get my daily exercise and I love dogs almost as much as my grandchildren.
     We stuck it out at my daughter's house last September during Hurricane Rita, which was quite an experience. We were 4 days without electricity, but luckily, our house wasn't damaged.
     I help my daughter, April, with her children. My son, John, lives in Rosenburg, south of Houston, and has 2 boys, who are active in soccer and baseball. I am busy with my church. Our main social activity, I would say, is "keeping the doctors in business" and going to my grandchildren's activities. In other words, if it wasn't for going to the doctor's office, we wouldn't have a social life! But, at least Rip and I are in good health.
     April's oldest son, Travis struck out 14 players in 6 innings and helped Coldspring win district at the All Stars Baseball game this summer. That was the highlight of my summer to watch that. Travis is also the starting Quarterback for the 7th grade A-team football this year. Of his 6 classes last year, 4 were accelerated, so Travis will definitely get a college scholarship somewhere in Texas. Travis wants to play baseball for the Houston Astros some day.

 Bob McCaffree

     Mary Anne and I are still Professors  at the University of Oklahoma College of Medicine, she in Neonatology and I in Pulmonary Diseases and Critical Care Medicine. She has become very active in medical politics, both in the state and nationally. She is Chair of the American Academy of Pediatrics Legislative Committee. She was the first (and, thus far, only) woman to be President of the Oklahoma State Medical Association. She is also Chairman of the AMA's Council on Science and Public Health.
     Our daughter, Sara, has been in Los Angeles since graduation 10 years ago. She is an independent producer and has some rental property there.  She was back in Oklahoma last year producing a new TV show, but we haven't seen it anywhere yet.  She is not married, but has our only "granddog."
     Our son, Matthew, just received his Master's in Law and Diplomacy at the Fletcher School at Tufts University.  He lived in Geneva, Switzerland, for four years before coming back to Tufts. He did a lot of bicycling in the Alps. While he was there, Mac Messenger moved to Geneva, so we saw Mac and his family on several occasions. Mac and Matthew would ride their bicycles together and Mac could actually stay up with him!  Matthew is now in Washington, DC.  He is also unmarried.
I am still Professor of Medicine and Chief of Staff at the VA. I have spent quite of bit of extracurricular time working on tobacco issues. (Tobacco is the single greatest preventable cause of premature death, in case you were wondering.)  I was President of the American College of Chest Physicians several years ago, and am now President of the Chest Foundation. Mary Anne and I are also co-chairs of the capital campaign for the AMA Foundation. On the state level, I am Chair of the Oklahoma Tobacco Settlement Endowment Trust Fund, the establishment of which will be one of the most visionary moves the state has ever made. I am also involved in Turning Point of Central Oklahoma and several other organizations.
     I work out every day, play basketball twice a week and Mary Anne and I ride our bicycles whenever we can. In our professional capacities, we still travel some, having been to China and Cambodia last year. Most of our travels now are in the US. But we enjoy traveling whenever and wherever.

Don McCroskey
    I am divorced (twice). I have two sons and a daughter. I have four step-daughters, two of whom stayed connected with me after their mother divorced me. Between these two and my three natural children I have seven grandchildren who I actually get to have a relationship with.
     With regard to my children, my oldest son is an engineer in San Antonio. He is married and has two sons. My youngest son is not married and currently is in Iraq with the Kentucky National Guard. My daughter is a single mom in Frankfort, Kentucky. She has one daughter.
     I still teach special education in Cushing, Oklahoma. My main hobbies are fishing and digital photography. I attend church at St. John Catholic Church in Stillwater. Within the parish I am a member of the Knights of Columbus. I also serve as part of the leadership team for the parish Steven Ministry group.
      The past two summers I have taken in several national parks in Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado and Wyoming. I love the natural beauty of the desert and the Rockies.
 Pat McDaniel
    I am retired and enjoy working in the garden and taking care of the yard. I won't be attending the reunion this year.


 Dave "Verl" McLemore

Mike McWherter
    B.J. and I were married in 2003. We met in the Philippines, where she was an accountant and had a pig farm.
   I have three kids from my previous marriage: Melinda Decker of Hartford, Conn.; Michael, Jr. of Dallas; and Leslie Nichols, also of Dallas. Melinda has given us two precious grandkids, Audrey and Jack.
   I lived and worked overseas for over 15 years. Before retiring to Oklahoma 6 years ago, I spent the last 6 years based out of Singapore, and traveling around Asia-Pacific. 
   B.J. and I enjoy traveling and got to visit Europe last summer. We raise miniature animals, grow grapes, and make a little wine. We also have a Bed & Breakfast in Perkins. I also teach International Business at OSU and B.J. works parttime at the Stillwater Domestic Violence Center.

Mac Messenger
I am still working for Cargill in Geneva, Switzerland as I have been for more than 7 years. I travel to the Middle East twice a year and within Europe and elsewhere occasionally. When not in the office I spend a lot of time on my bicycle. I usually log about 5,000 kilometers a year riding up and down the mountains in France and Switzerland. My wife, Gail rides with me some of the time although running is her passion. We have two additions to the family, grandsons in New York and Las Vegas.


 Lucretia Mize

    The first picture, taken 2 years ago, is picture of me and the grandkids. Rachel will be 12 in March 2006, Nathan will be 8 in Dec. 2005 and Sarah will be 4 in March 2006. I have one son, Larry Walton who is 41.
     I was married for 19 years and have been divorced for 19 years now.  I have lived in Hays, KS since Dec. 1984.  I am an office manager at Fort Hays State University Computing center and have been here for 21 years. The other picture was taken when I got my 20 year pin for working at the computing center for 20 years.
     My hobbies, I write poetry, like dancing, c&w music, oldies but goodies.  When I retire, I would like to move closer to my grandkids.


Marti Moore
     My husband, Joe White (class of '58), is very active with the Tucson chapter of Habitat for Humanity. He helped start a Habistore this year and is President-elect of the board. 
     Our elder daughter, Karyn, and her husband, Michael Hansen, and their children Abigail (9) and Jonathan (6) live in Columbus, OH. Karyn is an assistant librarian for the Columbus library system and Michael is a math teacher in a Columbus High School. 
     Our younger daughter, Leah, and her husband, Wade Davis, live in Mankato, MN. Leah is a professor of speech and communications at Mankato State University and Wade is a lawyer with a Minneapolis firm's Mankato branch.
     After moving to Tucson, I became interested in pursuing my art on a more professional path. I am painting in mixed media and abstract acrylic, showing my work locally and at a cooperative gallery in Tubac, AZ. I was president of the Otero Gallery for two years. Presently I am serving as President of Contemporary Artists of Southern Arizona (CASA) and on the exhibition council for the Drawing Studio. I am taking baby steps toward beginning to teach mixed media and collage by holding salons in my studio.


Charles H. Moore
     I have two sons, two daughters-in-law and two grandsons. Matthew and Heather live in College Station, Texas with sons Lucas and Owen. Charles Andrew "Andy" and Diana live in New York City.
     I am employed as a sales rep for contemporary Concepts out of Charlotte, NC. Oklahoma is my territory. Product is a Community Service program offered to communities with the local funeral home acting as a facilitator. A volume entitled "Lift Up Thine Eyes" is sent to each family who loses a loved one and uses the local funeral home. "Lift Up Thine Eyes" is a religious emphasis volume that offers short-term and long-term comfort, hope and help to the family.
     Sunnybrook Christian Church and Stillwater Pioneer Athlete Memorial committee command a lot of my time. Of course, OSU and Pioneer sporting events are attended as much as possible. Go Pioneers!!! Go Cowboys!!!

Barbara Needham
     The five years since the last reunion have been good to Duane and me. Our children, Duane, Jr. and Christopher have five children between them. We spend lots of time visiting between the families.
     Duane, Jr. is Consul General in Hamburg, Germany where he lives with his wife, Nazilia, and his two sons, Kennan (5) and Cameron (2). We love the excuse to revisit our former Foreign Service life. The boys are a delight and much fun to visit.
     Christopher and his family, wife Ali, and children, Cecilia (6), Eric (2) and Grace (3 mo.) live in Arlington, Virginia where they jointly own a computer business and Ali is also employed by Nextel. Our visits there allow the pleasure of seeing the children and reconnecting with the foreign service friends who have settled in the area.
     Though I have quit my volunteer work with the domestic violence shelter, because of my frequent absences, I continue to be as active as possible with the League of Women Voters.
     Duane has been a head coach for high school football in Avon, Colorado and a volunteer coach in various towns throughout the valley. He also manages our various real estate holdings.
     We are thankful for our continuing good health..
 Gordon Nelson     
I am now living in Houghton, MI and working for ThermoAnalytics, Inc. I moved to Houghton from Dublin, Ireland last May. It is nice because, for the first time in 30 years, I am living in the same town with my brother and his family. But it looks like it's too good to last... After living in Houghton for 21 years, Dave has accepted a job with the University of South Alabama in Mobile. Hey will be moving this July. At least now I will have a nice warm-weather destination for winter vacation, when the snow is piled eight feet deep in front of my house. That's when I'll head for Mobile.
 Ron Norton     

 Wayne Otsuki

     My wife, Katrine, and I have one son, Jonathon, who graduated from the University of California Santa Cruz in June 2005. He worked the last year in Davis, CA, but moved back to the LA area in August. My wife is involved with volunteer work (a lot with the church) and is doing a lot of Flamenco dancing. She has performed in a number of shows and recitals. She just left for Sevilla, Spain, for a Flamenco festival where she will be taking lessons and attending shows. 
     I am still employed by The Aerospace Corporation where we support the Air Force in their space program. Most of the people work in the more glamorous area of building satellites (actually, we don't build anything - a contractor is responsible for doing that; we essentially provide systems engineering and integration technical support directly to the Air Force), but I am involved with the ground infrastructure - the ground electronics, antennas, and communications system. We are currently replacing the ground electronics and antennas at the tracking stations throughout the world. For the last year or so I have been involved with the test program. 
     I like to play tennis when I can. I play singles with my wife (she 's good at hitting the ball back; it's almost like playing against a wall), and we like to play doubles with friends. I still run regularly, but no races at this time. I play duplicate bridge, but only a couple of times a month. I also like skiing (and I am a lot more careful these days) and travel. Actually, at this age, I've found it best to be careful in whatever I do. That's the best bit of wisdom I can offer :-) Oh, yes, and I like to play Sudoku.
     I'm disappointed that I won't be able to attend the 45th class reunion due to vacation plans.

 Robert C. (Bob) Oursler, Jr.
     Married 40 years in June to wife, Mary Beth. Daughter: Jennifer and Ray Fas (Downey, CA) Son: Tom and Stephanie (Aurora, CO)) Granddaughter: Megan Elizabeth Fas born 1/1/2006. Remaining relatives in Stillwater: Aunt Naomi Von Guten, Cousin Betty and Ken Meyer. Both parents passed on as well as both brothers and both sisters (all younger).
     Enrolled Agent, Master Tax Advisor, Office Coordinator, Sr. Tax Instructor for H&R Block for past 15 years. Retired from US Army after 37 years. Retired from Rocky Flats Nuclear Facility after 10 years. Retired from Martin Marietta after 10 years.
     Hobbies include Boy Scouts (Eagle Scout, 45-year volunteer veteran, Silver Beaver, Wood Badge Instructor), Model Railroading (VP Rocky Mtn. Div.of Train Collectors Assn., train meet chairman, auctioneer), Music (President of Hope UMC Chancel Choir, soloist, ensemble, percussionist, narrator), church (liturgist, lay leader, God and Country counselor). Interests: outdoor activities, swimming, photography, reading, live theater, walking the dog, stamp collecting, travel, PT Cruisin.
   Alvin (Sonny) Rains








Sonny, Shelbye, Kristye
       Shan & Andrea

  Occupation: Retired
  Spouse: Lynda L.                          Volunteer Stillwater Medical Center, Avon Rep.
  Children: Shan L. Rains                 Director of Facilities Maintenance Athletics OSU 
  Daughter-in-law-Andrea D.           Principal of Sanger Elem.  
  Granddaughters-Kristye M. (19)    SHS Grad. 2005, IMV Grad. 2006
                            Shelbye L. (14)    Stillwater Jr. High      
I retired from the Stillwater Fire Department Dec. 31.2002, With the fire rank Deputy Fire Chief second in command of the department. Now, Lynda & I spend most of our time working in the yard, traveling & fishing. I still do a little woodworking as a hobby. We have traveled from Old Mexico to the Grand Canyon & from California to the Carolina coast. Sure a lot of pretty country out there. I think Kentucky & Tennessee were the prettiest to travel through.


Billie Loyce Robbins 
 Married Name: (Moore) Baker    
 Occupation: Retired
 Spouse: Ronald Baker: Retired
 Married 5 years     
 Children: 4     Grandchildren: 13     Great-Grandchildren 5
 Ronnie's  Children: 2  Grandchildren: 2  Great-Grandchild: 2
    Neal Moore is a Fireman with the Stillwater Fire Department. Neal and his first wife Janet have 3 children. Lori and her husband Brad Kastl live in Perkins and have two daughters, Hailey, 3  and Madison 6 months. After graduating from OSU Lori sells Real Estate in Perkins and Brad is in  business with his father, they are electricians in Perkins. Jody is married to Travis Cundiff, they live in Pawnee, OK and have one son, Hagen 5 months. Travis teaches Vocational Agricultural in Pawnee and after graduation from OSU Jody works for Gose & Associates in Stillwater. Brett, lives in Stillwater and is attending Northeastern University at OSU. He is pursuing a degree in Fire Protection.
     Debbie and her husband Kevin Zetterberg live in Ripley, OK. They own Zetterberg Construction Company. Devin and her husband Jarred Steelman, live in Stillwater and have one daughter Lillie, 2  and a son Josiah, 8 months. Jarred works for Debbie and Kevin and Devin is a stay at home Mom.  Kyler and his wife Jennifer live in Perkins. Kyler works for his dad and Jennifer works for her mom in child care. Kyler and Jennifer have started their own business K & J Constructions Services, Inc.  Krysta married Gabe Green this past June, they live in Stillwater. He will graduate from OSU in December and they will be moving to Oklahoma City. Krysta works for a local doctor.
     Shelly and her husband Clint Warden live in Lake Dallas, TX. Shelly is a supervisor at Lewisville Hospital in Medical Records Division. Clint is a heat and air technician. They have 3 boys, Justin is 16,  Shaun is 13  and Carson is 5. Justin plays football and soccer, Shaun plays football, soccer, basketball and tract and Carson plays soccer. 
     Roger Moore and his wife Sandi live in Bixby, OK. Roger is a meat inspector for the State of Oklahoma and Sandi is a stay at home mom. They have three boys, Ryan is 11, Blake is 5 and Chad is 3. All three boys play soccer and Roger and Sandi coach the boys.
     Janet Moore (Neal's first wife) is my "daughter" also and works for Oklahoma  Career and Technology Education Department, in the Information Management Division. She has LeeAnn, 10. LeeAnn plays softball and is active in 4-H. 
    Billy Don Baker, Ronnie's son lives in Florida and is in construction.
      Terry and her husband Mark Johnson live in Broken Bow, she is office manger for a home health company in Broken Bow and Mark is a electrician. Terry has two daughters, Brandy lives near Haworth has two sons, Sterling 8 and Hunter 4 and  Megan is 16 and attends Broken Bow High School.
     I retired from the Oklahoma Department of Vo-Tech July 1, 1999.  Ronnie retired from M. L. James Construction Company of Texarkana, Texas 3 years ago. We are also most finished remodeling our house.   Ronnie is re-renewing his hobby in Ham Radio. He builds Ham Radio equipment and buys and sells radios. I am still sewing, quilting, gardening and reading.  I am judging events at fairs in Southeastern Oklahoma, Northeastern Texas and quilt shows in Oklahoma, Texas and Arkansas.  Next year I will be McCurtain Oklahoma Home and Community Education Association  President for the next two years.


Kittye Delle Robbins
Kittye Delle Robbins-Herring
Associate Professor
Director of Freshman French
Mississippi State University
Ph.D. University of Kentucky

Helen Schatz 


Roberta Saint  
   As with so many of you, the last five years have been full of change.  First, I retired from teaching in June 2002. Dave had retired in 2000 and was ready for me to join him.  Since I began teaching in February, 1965, it really was time to let someone else have the opportunityJ I would have to say while there are a few things I miss about not being in the classroom, I relish being in charge of my own schedule and sleeping past 5:15 a.m.!!
   In August 2004, we sold the “big house”, said good-bye to the pool and gardens, and moved into a maintenance provided community. Dave says if he had known it was going to be so grand, we would have done it sooner.  I am not so sure, but I do like the house, it's in a nice area, and I still have room to play in the dirt.
         Roberta & Dave Pennington              
   We purchased a travel trailer and spend our winters in Florida.  This year we left in January, stopped in Macon, Georgia to see Dave’s daughter, Nancy, husband, Robin and the “super six”, Christian, Gabe, Sarah, Emily, Kyle David & Ethan, then continued to Fort Myers.  We were there six weeks, then spent 2 weeks on the Atlantic side on Jensen Beach; visited with friends in Clarmont, west of Orlando, stopped to see granddaughter, Kristen, in Destin, stayed with friends at Gulf Shores, AL and were home by March 24 – 74 days, our longest adventure to date. After that many days, living in a 28’ travel trailer, one’s home certainly seems spacious!
   My daughter, Jennifer and her husband Drew, and the girls, Camille and Caleigh live only a few blocks from us.  That has been such fun.  Daughter, Georganna and Fred live in north Kansas City.  Granddaughters, Kristen and Lauren are seeking their fortunes, or so they say.  Scott and Sheree are in the West Palm Beach area so we get to see them while we are in Florida for the winter.  Dave’s son, Steve, is a policeman in Wichita. We are very fortunate to be able to enjoy each and every one of them often.
   I would like to say I am doing something “for the good of the order”, but, in fact, I am just enjoying myself.  I have much to be grateful for and I know it.
   I am still just an Oklahoma girl with red dust in her veins who loves music, dancing and digging in the dirt.  I will look forward to seeing many of you in October.
Kenneth Schroeder 
     My wife Connie is a Pawhuska native and is an X-Ray Tech. Son Sheldon is an architect and lives in Corpus Christi, TX. Son George lives in Mustang, OK and is assistant Soccer Coach at Southern Nazarene University. Daughter Holly Johnson is a housewife in Moore, OK.
     I am a machinist for C&M Precision. I am looking forward to travel after retirement in 2010.

Rae Mae Sissons

After  high school I attended Cowley County Community College, Arkansas City, Kansas and College of the Ozarks (now known as University of the Ozarks, Clarksville, Arkansas.) In 1964 I started work for Conoco in Ponca City. 
     I married Mike Hudson (deceased 3/2002) Christmas of 1975. I have 4 children and 3 grandchildren. I worked for Conoco until 1977 when we moved to Austin. In 1980 we moved to McCurtain County in SE Okla. where Mike grew up. We lived in Wright City, OK until we moved back to Ponca City in 1992. 
     I am now disabled, live in Ponca with my son Larry and his wife Ruth, and their 3-year-old boy, (second grandchild). Larry is a supervisor at Kaw Nation Casino in Newkirk. My only daughter Christie, lives in Ft Worth, Texas with Sean and her daughter Caitlyn 4 (first grandchild). She was born in Jan of 2002 and we lost Mike in March 2002. Christie is a housewife and Sean is a Security guard with the City of Ft. Worth. My youngest son, Eddy and Karmella had their first child on Aug 11, 2005 a son Andrew. They live in Ponca City also. Eddy is with Wal-Mart.  My oldest son, Tim,  is the only one still single and he lives in Ponca City also.
     My main thing in life now is spoiling my grandchildren.

Diane Smith

       Piper, Bill,  Diane, Preston, Mark & Amy                     Curtis & Mitch, Michaele, Lori & Tara                         Tucker & Chase Preston

     There have been a LOT of changes for us  in the past 5 years! My husband of 45 years, Bill Preston, retired June 2004... and I took early retirement too. We packed up and moved to the Dallas area to enjoy our grandchildren, Piper (5) and Preston (3), and to help daughter Amy & Mark juggle home, kids and jobs. They work for Southwest Airlines and Everge computer systems. Thanks to Mark for hosting this new SHS 1961 web page on his server.
     We love living down here. We are busy with Classic Chevy, Nomad and Corvette club events, and our new church. We have no idea how we ever had time to work!!! Bill built the biggest garage the city would allow and is HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY (he sniffs a lot of automotive paint)!
     Both of our sons live in Arizona. Mitch & Lori live near Sedona where they have a family medical practice. Their kids, Tara & Jordan, are in college at NAU in Flagstaff. Our younger son, Curtis & Michaele live in Phoenix, where he is an engineer for Honeywell and she taught Kindergarten in Glendale. They have twin boys born July 20, 2006, Tucker & Chase!
     We go to Arizona frequently to see the boys' families, since Amy's job gives us free flights. We also go to some NASCAR races, and anywhere else that interests us. I'm ALWAYS packed!

Sharon Stevens 
     My husband, Gary Wright (class of '60) and I have two grown sons, Dave and Blake, both of whom live in Stillwater. Their families include Christy, Dave's wife, and their gorgeous daughters, Ashley and Katelynn; and Blake's friend Jen and three mischievous boys, Austin, Justice and Tanner.
     Gary continues buying cattle all over Oklahoma for Gibbon, a division of American Food Group. I commute to Tulsa daily, where I am the University Transfer Dean. I occasionally teach an internet class in Humanities. Gary enjoys watching the progress of the OSU Equestrian Team and I enjoy listening to audio books while traveling back and forth to Tulsa.
Russell Thurman
    My wife, Debbie, and I live on a little farm about 20 miles east of Stillwater. I retired from Stillwater Typewriter Company, now known as STC in 2002, after 44 years of service. Debbie works for MerCruiser in Telecommunications and has 23 years of service. 
     Debbie and I have been married for 28 years. we have four daughters, Quendolia Wilczek, Sherri Comstock, Jani and RaChelle Thurman, all of Stillwater. Quen works for the State Child Welfare division, nursery inspection division. Sherri works for the State Welfare division for family assistance. Both of them have bachelor's degrees from Oklahoma State University. Jani has three children and she is a homemaker. RaChelle is 24 and has a bachelor's degree from Northeastern State University in Criminal Justice and is presently pursuing a certificate from Meridian Technology in Radiologic Technology. She has hopes of having a career in Forensic Radiology. We have eight grandchildren, who are the light of our lives.
     Other interests include, farming and fishing, but not in that order. Hobbies include collecting old fishing rods and reels, old farm hand tools. But most important... playing and working with my grandchildren.
Rhonda Tucker 

            Sometimes I cook...                                                    The big snow of 2005
      Jimmy & me snowmobiling                                      Me and youngest grandchild Abby.

    I finally got my plans for the Reunion Weekend finalized. Unfortunately, I won't be able to make the Friday activities as I will be in Seattle at the Children's Hospital with my daughter-in-law and newest granddaughter, Abby, on Thursday & Friday. They live in Ketchikan, AK. Abby is having some developmental problems and is scheduled for an MRI on Friday at noon & the latest flight that would get me to OKC on Friday departs at 1:30 p.m.  So I'll be leaving SEA at 6 a.m. Sat. morning & will rent a car in OKC & hopefully will be in Stillwater between 3-4 p.m.  The bad thing about me missing our last reunion is that now I'm going to look 10 years older to ya'll instead of 5 years older!  Oh well--
   Jimmy won't be able to come with me. He is on the Executive Board of the Colorado Snowmobile Association & has to be at a meeting in Denver on that Saturday & Sunday. I'm the Club Rep to the Board of Directors, but was able to get someone from our club to take my place for voting.
   Jimmy & I married September 22, 1961. We have 3 sons & 1 daughter. Our 3rd was born in Stillwater while Jimmy was in Viet Nam (1967-68).  In 1970 Jimmy went to work for Delta Airlines & we bought 125 acres near the small town of Trenton, TX, built a home, ranched & reared our children there until 1994 when he retired after 25 years of flying.  After retiring, we sold out in Texas and bought part of Jimmy’s parent’s home place and built a home across the pasture from his Mom, near Poteau, OK.  Before retiring, we built a cabin on 37 acres in the middle of the Natl. Forest 12 miles north of Pagosa Springs, CO.  This is where we spend 8- 9 months of the year. We snowmobile 7 miles to our cabin during the winter & early spring and really love the beauty, serenity, and wildlife! 
Oldest son Jon, wife & 3 children live on a farm in northeast Texas. He graduated Stephan F. Austin Univ. in Nacogdoches, TX, BA in Criminal Justice, policeman in Plano. Daughter, Brenda, attended Texas Tech Univ., graduated Industrial Engineer, U of Utah. Now a stay at home mom with husband, 4 children (two boys & twin girls) and 2 step sons. Bobby graduated TX A&M, as a Radiology Health Engineer & Masters in Industrial Health Hygiene. Employed with Intel since graduation. He, wife & 2 sons live near Colorado Springs.  Son Bucky, wife & 8 month daughter, live in Ketchikan, AK. He’s a demolitionist & on joint task force between the State of Alaska &  U.S. Military. Instructs Engineer Corps of the Army, Navy, Marines & Natl. Guard how to blast, make rip rock, and build roads. It’s on-the-job training for the military, with the Natives getting benefit of roads on their island. 
We total 10 grandchildren (5 girls & 5 boys plus 2 step grandsons. It’s a blast when we’re all together as the grandkids are all close in age and enjoy each other immensely. (It’s also very tiring!)
     I love sewing for myself & family (heavy emphasis on outdoor gear), quilting and home deco projects, gardening and traveling. While rearing our family, we did a lot of backpacking in the high country of Colorado, but now Jimmy uses his mules & I mostly camp in the pop-up or travel trailer. We walk, hike or bike daily unless bad weather, in which case I pop in an aerobic tape. We like to snowshoe and snowmobile during the winter months and I swim 26 laps twice a week in the hot spring-fed pool in town. 
     We’ve both been active in the community & I really love singing in the church choir when in OK. We belong to the Wolf Creek Trail Blazers snowmobile club & Jimmy does a lot of trails grooming. (He even taught me how to drive that big Bombardier 400 snow cat with tiller & blade!)  He is the Dist. 9 Rep. for the CO Snowmobile Assoc. & serves on the Executive Board. I am the club secretary and club rep. & serve on the Board of Directors to CSA.  We’ve both been involved in forming our property owners assoc., which has been a tremendous amount of typing for me, since Jimmy types hunt & peck style! Hence my excuse for being so late with this Bio Info.  
This past summer we rented a Class C motor home in Seattle & drove the Alcan Highway to Alaska.  There’s a lot of wilderness in Canada & Alaska & it was absolutely gorgeous!  I also enjoy picking a variety of wild berries near the cabin & making jelly.  It’s nice to not worry about chiggers and snakes, but I do keep an eye out for bears.  Jimmy & I feel our lives have been truly blessed & plan to bop till we drop!


  Dewell Turner

Margaret Walker 
     My husband Bobby L. Hamiter and I have three daughters. Kim and family of four live in Edmond, OK. Teresa and family of four live in Bountiful, Utah. Michelle and family of five live here in Henderson, NV. We have a total of nine grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.
     Bob has been at our Wal-Mart Photo Lab for five years. He says it's his fun job!!
     I enjoy reading, crafts, spending time with our grandchildren, traveling and enjoying life. My job is a private duty caregiver for an Alzheimer's patient for the last two years. It has been a wonderful and rewarding challenge for me. I'm also still doing volunteer work at our hospital here in Henderson. I've been there 23 years. It is also very rewarding and it keeps me busy.
Bill Walton 

Kay Ward 
Kay with granddaughter Claire                         Daughters Cheryl  & Terri with Claire 
    The past five years have seen several changes for me. My husband, Charlie, died of pancreatic cancer in April of 2004. In July of 2005 my FIRST grandchild was born. Claire is a true delight, but of course I would think that! She has certainly given me much to smile about. My daughter Terri is a full-time mom, taking time from her counseling duties. She and husband Mark live in Olathe, KS. Daughter Cheryl works with hospitals and travels. At this writing she is not married, but probably will be by reunion time. It may be a busy summer around here! All in all, a busy five years.
     I am very active in my local church and have enjoyed the fact it is only two blocks from me. That makes it easier to participate in many activities. I also volunteer at a crisis pregnancy center nearby and have become quite active in this work. Along with many friends, travel, my busy kids' lives, life is busy! Looking forward to catching up with everyone in October!
Priscilla Washinka
Priscilla Washinka Kinnick (SHS-61) is retiring after many years of teaching at Stillwater High School.  The following article appeared in the Tuesday, May 2, 2006, edition of the Stillwater NewsPress on the Pioneer Page, which is created weekly by the Stillwater High School Journalism Staff.  The article is written by R. Howerton
     After many years of teaching at Stillwater High School, the school's sociology and psychology teacher, Priscilla Kinnick, is retiring.  Mrs. Kinnick has been a valuable asset to the school, and it is hard to let someone who has dedicated so much time to teaching and enlightening students leave the teaching faculty.
     Priscilla Kinnick grew up in Stillwater and attended high school in the very building from which she is now retiring. Her class was the first to graduate from the current Stillwater High School building -- SHS-61.
     "My classmates called this building the new high school,"Mrs. Kinnick said.
     Shortly after graduating from Stillwater High School, she married Tom Kinnick (also SHS-61), who was enlisted in the U.S. Navy; and began a family while traveling all over the world for approximately 22 years because of her husband's occupation.  Mrs. Kinnick gave birth to two children, Jacque and T.J. and lived in Connecticut, California twice, Hawaii twice, the Republic of Singapore and Washington.
     During this time of travel, Mrs. Kinnick found an occupation as a secretary, because of her husband's career and the convenience of the job; but she did not always want to be a secretary, so she enrolled in College in Nebraska.  At Bellevue College Mrs. Kinnick received her undergraduate degree by double majoring in sociology and psychology.  After the completion of her undergraduate degree, she achieved her master's degree in counseling at the University of Nebraska.
     After Tom Kinnick's retirement from the U.S. Navy, Mrs. Kinnick and her husband moved back to Stillwater, Oklahoma, so they could be close to family members; and she enrolled at Oklahoma State University to achieve her teaching degree.
     With the ability to teach, Mrs. Kinnick spent about three years teaching part time from school to school, and eventually she was hired as an American History and World Culture teacher at Stillwater Middle School.
     When the chance to teach psychology presented itself, Mrs. Kinnick applied at Stillwater High School for the position; and after being hired, began to teach psychology and World History.  When the former sociology teacher, Coach Hesser, retired, the opportunity to teach sociology was given to Mrs. Kinnick.  She has continued to teach psychology and sociology to high school students.
     Mrs. Kinnick is not tired of teaching, because she loves it. She truly enjoys conveying knowledge to students and portraying how psychological and sociological information can be practically applied to her pupil's lives.
     Retirement is not easy for Mrs. Kinnick, because she loves teaching so much and does not want to stop; but she thinks that it is time for change in her life, where she might find another occupation she enjoys as much as teaching.
     "Students, find a job that interests you, because it's easier to rise from bed and go to work if you love your job," Mrs. Kinnick said.
     The students and faculty will miss Mrs. Kinnick, and the impact that she made on this school will be carried on through the years by the reflections of her former students, who remember how she influenced their lives.
     "I will truly miss the students and my colleagues. That's the hardest part of my decision to retire," Mrs. Kinnick said.
Barbara Whatley
Husband David Friels, Daughter Karen McDivit, Mrs. Dorothy Whatley, Barbara, Son-in-law Pat McDivitt, Son James Friels,
Grandchildren Gavin Friels, Parker McDivit, KelseyMcDivit, & Daughter-in Law Leah, holding Allison Friels.
Not pictured yet Kaylee McDivit born 5-20-2006.

Loren Dale Wilson

Carol Witt
    I sing in the church choir and OCCC Community Choir. I love to knit and watch sports. I work for the FAA (17 years) in Training & Awards Programs & Technical Editing.
     I have one son, Leslie Flesner and one daughter, Cindy Halbert. I have 4 grandsons, Derek Flesner (17), Aaron Flesner (16), T.J. Halbert (13) and Tanner Halbert (10).